Loyal Guest Program

In order to help us personalize your experience at The Campus Inn, please complete and return this form to the Reservations Manager by selecting the submit button at the bottom of the form.  We are looking forward to your visit and appreciate your time in completing this form.

  1. Would you like us to arrange transportation (other than our complimentary airport taxi service)? Please indicate your preferred mode of transportation and indicate your destination, date and time of travel, and any other information we will need to know:

    Date: Time: Destination:
     Rental Car
  2. What items would like placed in your room prior to your arrival?

     Additional Water Glasses

     Iron and Ironing Board

     DSL Cord (for internet use in the room)

     Additional Linens

    Please specify:


    Please specify:

  3. Which Newspaper do you prefer?

     New York Times

     USA Today

     Wall Street Journal

     Wisconsin State Journal

  4. Which type of pillow do you prefer?



     Extra Soft Feather

     No Preference

  5. What are your interests?












     Performing Arts





     Other (please list below)

  6. Would you like us to make dinner reservations for you? If yes, please let us know each date, time, location and number of guests:

    Date: Time: Location: Guests:
  7. If you do not have a restaurant in mind, please indicate the type of experience you would prefer and we will have a list of suggestions available upon arrival:


     Fast Food

     Quick Service

     Casual Sit Down

     Fine Dining




     Brew Pub







     Walking Distance

     Driving Distance

  8. May we schedule an appointment for you at a salon, a tee time at an area golf course, or find tickets for a concert or sporting event? Please indicate what your preferences are (i.e. Where? What day? What time? What type of seats?: best available, lower level, upper level, etc.?):

    Date: Time: Details:
     Sports Event
     Other Event
    *We will contact you to confirm your seats.
  9. Would you like us to schedule a tour for you of the State Capitol and/or the UW Campus? If yes, please indicate the particular tour, date, and time you would prefer.

    Date: Time: Details:
     Tour State Capitol
     Tour UW Campus
  10. Would you like us to provide any additional information about the following?




     Child Care




     Bike Rental


  11. Is there anything else that would make your upcoming stay with us more enjoyable?

  12. Type security code:


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