Dane County Farmers’ Market

In the North Eastern United States lies Madison, Wisconsin - a picturesque city sometimes aptly referred to as The City of Four Lakes thanks to its location at the center of the four lakes of the Yahara River: Lake Mendota, Lake Monona, Lake Waubesa, and Lake Kegonsa. Our beautiful city is the county seat of Dane County, and home to the University of Wisconsin.

The months of May through to November offer visitors to Madison Wisconsin a special treat. Throughout these months, Madison is home to the largest producer-only farmers' market, the Dane County Farmers' Market. All items sold at the Dane County Farmers' Market are locally produced! What's more, the person selling the goods is the person who grew the food you're about to purchase. The unique set up means that the Dane County Farmers' Market offers visitors the chance to support Wisconsin's local farmers, and meet the people responsible for growing the food they put on the table.

Dane County Farmers' Market Opening for the Spring/Summer Season

From its humble beginnings to present day, the Dane County Farmers' Market has become an exciting event which brings Madison's contrasting rural and urban cultures together for one of the largest farmers' markets in the country.

Opening April 20th 2014, and continuing through to November 9th 2014, the Dane County Farmer's Market is open every Saturday from 6AM until 2PM. Vendors will be set up in the area surrounding the State Capitol building in downtown Madison referred to as "The Square" by locals. The farmers' market will take place come rain or shine. The area is easily accessible by bike, or car, and there is ample parking close to The Square. For driving direction and information on where to park, please visit the Dane County Farmers' Market website.

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History of Dane County Farmers' Market

Thanks to our area's fertile soil, comfortable climate, and close proximity to a number of fresh water lakes, Madison, Wisconsin enjoys a strong rural culture with rich harvests and miles of farmland. Our city's rich rural culture is juxtaposed with Madison's urban center and large city feel. As a means of bridging the gap between Madison's contrasting cultures, former city Mayor, Bill Dyke, held the first Dane County Farmers' Market in 1972.

In its infancy, the Dane County Farmers' Market played host to just five farmers selling their produce, wares, and arts and crafts. With such a small turn out for the inaugural year of the Madison farmers' market, it seemed like the annual event might be a flop. By the following year, however, dozens of ruralites arrived early to vie for the best space to set up their booth and sell their produce. From there, the growth of the Dane County Farmers' Market has been exponential.